Our Parent Company

Fide Films

Fide Films is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to create faith-based documentaries and other video content for individuals and other non-profits. From start to finish we conceptualize, write, direct, produce and distribute short and long form films to glorify God and support His children.

IRS EIN#: 84-2513000

Name explanation

Why do you call it "Fide Films?"

Great question! Our name is based on the 5 solas of the Protestant reformation. The second, Sola Fide, or Faith alone, describes the way Believers are saved... It's not by merit or how hard we work, but by Faith alone that Christ accepts us into His kingdom.

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Here's What We Stand For

Biblically Accurate

Our films and way of life are built on the perfect and infallible Word of God as our only authority and source of truth.

Not for Profit

We don’t seek to earn money from our projects, our content is given away for free in order to serve the mission.

For the mission

Everything we do is for Jesus and to serve His precious creation. We stand up for the voiceless and marginalized.

Meet Our Team

Tac Coluccio

Executive Director

Matt Chastain


Chris Hines


Brock Rexius


Scott Minard

Director of Photography